Tesla Punk 1.5 86W MOD Tesla Punk 1.5 86W MOD
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Manufacturer: TeslaCigs Model: 008592-008593-008594-008595-008596
Tesla Punk 1.5 86W MODTeslacigs Punk 86W 1.5 Mod continues to be the pinnacle of elegance and optimized performance, retaining its majestic design and further elevating the art of vaping. It is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included) and can output from 7 to a maximum of 86 watts. This flex..
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Manufacturer: TeslaCigs Model: 008189-008190-008327-008328
Tesla Punk II 220W Box MODThe Punk II is a 220 W Box MOD that works with 2 high-performance 18650 batteries. Equipped with the advanced Hyber 2.0 chipset, it is reliable and stable. It provides a maximum output power of 220 watts. It is equipped with 2 adjustment buttons. It displays all the necessa..
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