Delivery time: 1-6 working days! Our standard delivery is provided by DPD or Fama courier services. Please, always provide the delivery address at which you will be able to pick up the package. The delivery service operates on a fixed route, which means that we are unable to fulfil your requirements if you want delivery within a certain period of time. If the first delivery attempt fails, the courier will leave a note and will try to deliver the package next working day. If you entered your phone number correctly when registering, the courier will contact you regarding to the time of delivery attempted. After a failed delivery attempt, the package is going to be returned to the sender. If you notice any damage on the package, you have the right to refuse to take the package. After the courier receives the package from the seller, it is fully responsible for the same (which applies: delayed delivery, loss of the package and other). You can send your complaints to the following address:

Delivery price depends of a package weight and payment method.

Potential customs clearance costs has to be paid by the buyer.


Wholesale partners are going to bear the full amount of shipping and transport costs for the goods!