Coil Master

Manufacturer: Coil Master Model: 007400
Coil Master Bent Ceramic TweezerThe latest bent tweezer by Coil Master is tipped with ceramic to withstand the high temperature when you dry fire your coil.The construction is quite durable, making it the perfect tool if you are into rebuild atomizers. The price is for 1 pc...
7.02 EUR
Ex Tax:5.62 EUR
Manufacturer: Coil Master Model: 005919-007087
Elbow TweezerElbow Ceramic Tweezers is the latest creation from Coil Master, developing an angled ceramic tweezers for a sturdy and precise tool. The bent design allows for a more fine-tune adjustment of coil settings while retaining the strength for larger wire gauges. The integration of ceramic ma..
5.15 EUR
Ex Tax:4.12 EUR
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