Model: 002917-002918-002919-002920-002921-005681-005682-005683-005684-005685-008254-008483-008484-008485-008486-008487
Battery Wrap 20700/21700The colorful battery wraps are designed for 20700/21700 model with fashionable and funny patterns. Get them to protect your battery and make it different.Battery is not included in the price.The price is for 1 pc...
0.74 EUR
Ex Tax:0.59 EUR
Model: 007893-007894-007895
Plastic Battery Wraps 20700/21700Replacement plastic battery film for 20700 and 21700 batteries.The price is valid for 1 foil...
0.74 EUR
Ex Tax:0.59 EUR
Manufacturer: We Are Vape Model: 007835
We Are Vape Battery Wrap 21700 (10 pcs)We Are Vape colorful battery foils with size code 21700.The package contains 10 foils.The price is valid for 1 pack of foil...
2.44 EUR
Ex Tax:1.95 EUR
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